Digital Banking is the Future of Banking 


What is Digital Banking ?

Online digital banking is the practise of conducting all financial transactions digitally, without the need of paper-based records  such as notes, pay with slips, or vene checks. This offers users the freedom to perform practically all common banking tasks anytime they wish, without any limitations.Digital banking relies on a high degree of automated processes, including web based services, blockchain technology and  APIs. This enables the businesses to expand thier  services much more quickly and to improve customer satisfaction to the highest ,it's cost effectiveness while maintaining security and flexibility.

Advantages of Digital Banking 

  • Enhanced Security

Due to advancements in digital banking, challenges with cyber security, such as the requirement to secure consumer data, are now being addressed. Data security can be improved by storing consumer data in an encoded manner. Customers may now instantly change their security options and transaction limits, which can also aid in reducing consumer-level financial fraud.

  • Customer service customization

Digital banking solutions can enable customisation based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). In order to improve the customer experience, businesses can now offer substantial financial solutions and  interactive tools.

  • Around the clock Availability

Consumers can now access the majority of banking services from their homes, places of employment, or even while travelling.   digital banking. It is now simpler, faster, and safer to transfer money, make online bill payments, and make investments. Services that earlier necessitated protracted delays are now quick.

  •  Reduced operating costs 

Digital banking has considerably reduced the operational costs of businesses because it requires nothing in the way of physical equipment and staff. As a result, businesses may now provide services while still charging lower service fees.

Go Digital With Techtsy 

The demand for digital banking solutions and services increased dramatically worldwide lately, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Businesses and customers transitioned fast to use digital banking services all around the world. The pandemic led the use of digital banking services to its peak, which greatly enhanced and boost the need for highly secured digital banking platforms.


What Is TechtPay digital banking solution?

TechtPay is an online digital banking solution allow businesses to launch Web, iOS, and Android applications under their brand smoothly and quickly by utilizing third-party licenses, permissions, certifications, and modular microservices.TechtPay Web, iOS, and Android digital banking application support IBAN/ACH account issuing, SEPA and SWIFT transfers, branded prepaid card issuing, mobile payments, KYC/AML compliance, and more. To date, it is the fastest, most cost-effective, and most secure solution in the existing solutions in the market.


TechtPay Digital Bank  Highlighted Functionality & Features

TechtPay is equipped with so many useful features to fulfill all your needs. These features can cover wide range of industries due to its diversity and flexibility  .some of these features are as below :

  • Send Request And Load.
  • Multicurrency Iban / Ach Bank Account.
  • Virtual And Plastic Multi Currency Debit Card.
  • Card-to-card Transfers.
  • International And Domestic Transfers.
  • Payment Gateway With 180+ Methods.
  • Customizable Interface.
  • Apple Pay Payments.
  • Google Pay Payments.
  • Customizable Fee.
  • Digital Receipts.
  • And much more.


What is TechtDataVault Storage?

is a private blockchain operating system (OS) for businesses that offers a very secure setting for data management. specifically designed to support secure communication and management of sensitive data and digital assets in a permission-based, fraud-free, and unhackable environment for Fortune 500 companies, banks, and governments. The foundation of TechtDataVault Storage is patented Multi-decentralization technology, which provides businesses with military-grade protection and eliminates the possibility of data loss. The Datavault Storage platform complies with PCI DSS guidelines and GDPR and PSD2 criteria.


What is TechtBiometric?

It means that passwords are no longer  required to login and access your business’s data. By using a fingerprint or a face ID instead of a password. It makes signing in more convenient, enhances login conversion rates, and safely protects your business's data from the compromise of sensitive data.


Benefits of TechtBiometric?

  • Enhanced Security For Business & Users

Businesses can use biometric login and passwordless authentication for both internal access control and security as well as for online customers. In these situations, the biometric login improves user experience, boosts sign-in conversion rates, protects user data against hacking, and shields your business from penalties and fines.

  • For Banks And Financial Institutions

Biometric Login from TechtBiometric enabled banks and financial institutions to quickly and efficiently comply with the PSD2 and SCA requirements.


author : Manal AboBakr
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