Many people find it very hectic in today's busy world to go to the beauty salon for regular services. And the long lineups at these salons make the conditions even harder. Customers need a more efficient and effective solution that meticulously serves their beauty services regimen. Apart from this, the expanding trend towards personal appearance among youngsters and seniors and the availability of modern spa technologies is anticipated to fuel the expansion of the worldwide spa and beauty salon services.Another crucial factor is that, following the COVID-19 outbreak, customers are hesitant to visit any spa or salon. And this is precisely what an on-demand beauty service app delivers. This app allows the users to get the needed salon services at a convenient time and comfortable environment. The on-demand salon app development services provide businesses access to their customer base most efficiently. 

Our Solution HairWeGo:

Our solution HairWeGo is an on demand beauty salon marketplaces that consists of a user app, staff app, seller app, and admin panel with advanced features. 

Our solution will help businesses run more efficiently.By automating salon procedures, the program relieves you of a great deal of stress.All of the salon's activities are simplified like managing invoicing, online appointment booking,and much more.It manages the time effectively as Hair We Go assists the businesses in making the most of their working hours.The salon operating tools are not designed only to help out with client management. They are effective for staff management too.This software builds the individual profile of each staff working at the  salon. All of them have their appointment calendar and work progress tracking.This helps the businesses in getting the fact which employee is performing better. You can make accurate individual assessments and evaluations of the team. It eases the process of rewarding staff and giving feedback based on results.

Also it allows you to get the data regarding regular customers, their preference about the services and products which will give an insight about the customers.This information is significant because it can be used to deliver customized promotions to your consumers and maintain a relation to keep coming back. It allows the businesses to examine the trend for beauty and spa services and their demand extensively so that they can tailor their menu promotions, deal rates, and so on to provide everyone a unique experience.




User (App)


  • Signup:The users can easily sign up  to the app by email,social media or phone number.
  • Nearby salons: The feature allows the user to explore the nearby salons and get the services within a short period of time.
  • Discount coupons: The users can avail discounts on products and services.
  • Book services: The users can view and check the experience of beautician and based on their preference the user can book the service.
  • Categorized services:There are different categories of services,through this feature the user can check all details of the categorized services.
  • Reviews: The users can view the reviews of customers and it will give them valuable insights about the service or product. Users can share their experiences as reviews. This can be helpful for other users as when they go for any services or products.
  • Email & Push Notification: The feature will allow the users to get email or notification for any information or update.
  • Referral system:The referral code allows the user to get a bonus.
  • Earn & use points:The users can earn points while purchasing any product or services.It will be converted into an ewallet from where the users can use those points to purchase any products or service.
  • Multiple payment:The user can select the payment method for the product/service.There are multiple payment methods such as: e-wallet, cash,credit/debit card.
  • Rent & buy products: The users can avail products for rental items such as wedding dresses,wedding halls, makeup instruments etc. They can also buy beauty products,personal care and much more.
  • Live tracking: The user can live  track the service provider or order  
  • Orders summary: The feature will allow the user to get the summary of his/her order.


Staff App

  • Appointments info: The staff can view all the information about appointments through the feature.
  • Delivery statistics: The feature allows the staff to get the delivery statistics such as: completed delivery,product delivery,service delivery,canceled or ongoing delivery and recently completed delivery.
  • Sales statistics:The staff can get the overall sales statistics of the platform.
  • Chat/ talk: The staff can chat or talk to any queries or problems of customers.


Seller App

  • Add saloon: a section where sellers can create their saloon. 
  • Add services: sellers can add different services under a saloon using this feature
  • Add employees: employee registration under a saloon 
  • New users: register new users. Users will need to provide name email etc for reg 
  • Book appointment: In this section users can see the services and time. According to their choice they will book any services they want.
  •  Email and push notification: (Determine the criteria when will users get the email and push notification) example: if a user booked an appointment he will get notified by email and a push notification will be sent 
  • View appointments: Sellers can see the list of appointments from the users. So there will be two sections.
  • Add images: The seller can add/edit the images of their product and services.
  • Clients & revenues reports: The seller can get the report of clients and revenue.
  • Report Spam comments: If any inappropriate comment is being done by any user the seller can immediately report the spam comment through this feature.
  • Customized products: The seller can customize products and their details through the feature.


Admin Panel


  • View users & salons: The admin can view all the users and salons.
  • Add Categories, Offers: The admin can add or edit the product categories and services.
  • Manage Reviews: Admin can manage the customer feedback by review and rating feature as the admin can warn the service providers in scenarios of customer complaints.
  • Ratings and Reviews: It helps to identify the customers’ feedback and ratings, and also provides accountability and quality control for services.
  • View reports:The admin can view all the reports of users,sellers and staff
  • Languages setting: The admin can add or delete any language.


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This application is built with Kotlin ( Android ), Swift ( iOS ), React ( Front End) and Django ( Backend ).

Based upon request we can provide the solution also in flutter ( mobile app ) and in node.js ( Backend ).


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