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The demand for home service apps are rapidly increasing as we are involved in our daily busy lifestyles, where every individual is looking for some help to easily manage their home activities. Maintaining all household activities can be stressful work in this fast-paced world we live in. Therefore, people are moving towards online home service applications,as it allows them to look for the services they need and get a responsive service provider at a reasonable price for completion.


The development of on-demand mobile applications have prompted entrepreneurs to expand their businesses into other fields. In fact, after COVID-19, the surge in on-demand home services have expanded substantially. According to studies, the potential market value for the years 2021–25 is USD 4730.31 billion. The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 70.5 percent.As a result, more entrepreneurs and business owners are investing in the booming on-demand home services industry. The huge growth of the global online home service market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 52%.


Our Solution Service Points:

Service Points is a home service provider application that connects customers with service professionals to meet their daily needs. We offer a user app, a service provider app, and an admin panel. It helps businesses monitor and manage the users and service providers on one platform. Our solution is an on-demand home service app that brings all the home services together and enables people to book various household services through their smart devices. Also, the appointment schedule feature allows customers and service providers to check their calendars and schedule appointments based on their availability. It reduces any conflict between consumers and service providers.

The existing market structure is filled with intermediaries and aggregators who control market access and keep a large portion of the profit. As a result, both consumers and end-of-service workers have negative experiences. Therefore, our solution removes this friction and makes the experience of consumers more meaningful and memorable. It gives a platform for service professionals to interact with a larger audience and turn their businesses into profitable companies.




User app


  • Registration and Login: Users can sign up using their email address, social network account, or phone number. After signing up, users can log in to the app and establish their profile by providing address, profile picture, and other information.


  • Multiple services: There are different services such as home cleaning service, pet care service, plumbing service, carpentry service, laundry service, and many more. Users can select them according to their preferences.


  • Advanced Search: There are a variety of home services and this feature allows users to filter alternatives straight from the service list based on their choices and preferences.


  • Booking details: Through this feature, users can get all the booking details such as bills, payment status, etc.


  • Service and order information: Users can get all the relevant information regarding the services.


  • Order Schedule: Users can view the order schedule, including the date, and time.


  • Select Payment Method: There are several payment methods like wallets, debit/credit cards, and cash on delivery,users can select payment methods from them.


  • Offers and Coupons: Users can avail discounts /deals through the feature.


  • Set language and currency: This feature allows users to select the language and currency based on their country.
  • Tracking of Services: Users can track their service providers  by GPS tracking software integration, accessible in the application. For instance, if the user selected a plumber, they can view the service provider's location in real-time and can estimate his arrival time. 


  • Rating and Review: From this feature, users can view ratings and reviews of customers, so that they can choose the service provider easily.


Service Provider app


  • Sign up, Sign in: The service providers can sign in by providing their name, email address, phone number, and other relevant information.
  • Add/edit services: The service providers can add/edit services that include job categories, select jobs, payment systems, and prices.
  • Subscription plan: With this feature, the service providers can select a subscription plan based on 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year.
  • Work experience and their best work: The service providers can upload certificates regarding their work experience. Also, they can showcase their best work, which will help them get more customers.
  • Booking management system: The service providers can manage their bookings based on the availability of slots.
  • Built-in chat: The service providers can directly chat with the users for any information.
  • GPS integration: The feature allows the service providers to track their designated location.
  • Set working hours: The service provider can set availability hours and, based on those, will accept or decline any request.



Admin Panel


  • Dashboard: The user panel for Admin has an interactive admin dashboard that is a control center for the entire app. It includes all the relevant data about the service providers. The admin can monitor everything like the orders, transactions, canceled orders, and rescheduled orders.


  • Service List Creation and Management: This feature allows the admin to effectively create the necessary service list and manage it by adding and deleting services.


  • Verify Service Providers: Admin can create the required service lists and easily manage them by adding or removing the offered services.


  • Price Tagging: Through this feature, services and additional costs can be priced by the admin.


  • Manage Reviews: Admin can manage the customer feedback by review and rating feature ,as the admin can warn the service providers in scenarios of customer complaints.


  • Ratings and Reviews: It helps to identify the customers’ feedback and ratings, and also provides accountability and quality control for services.


  • Track Reports, Insights, and Analytics: It allows the admin to keep track of analytics and access company insights by collecting reports regularly.


  • Service assistance: This feature provides all the information about using the app, ordering services, and using vouchers to access special discounts.


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This application is built with Kotlin ( Android ), Swift ( iOS ), React ( Front End ) and Django ( Backend ).

Based upon request we can provide the solution also in flutter ( mobile app ) and in node.js ( Backend ).


author : Nashita Iftekhar
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