01 Introduction

Arab Tools is a unique online Platform for tools, hardware, and building material, serving the companies and individual customers across the UAE. This e-commerce platform serves as a versatile marketplace to meet a huge volume of customers with advanced digital marketing features and integrations. With the greater means of expertise and highly flexible attributes to adopt a modern business environment, Arab Tools also provides excellent online trading experience to sellers and overwhelmed customer experience with low priced quality products to buyers.

02 Description

Arab Tools is established to replace constraints on having an exemplary shopping experience by customers with the purchase of tools and building materials. This platform is designed to substitute:

  • The delayed reach on sellers and service providers for quotations, TDS, etc., especially during weekends or off-days.
  • The customer’s difficulty to get quick access with sellers or service providers.
  • The inability to get know-how about the product’s availability, price, and more details.
  • The non-accessibility of the clients with service providers on emergency technical assistance.
  • The delay in response time from the sellers on any given inquiries.
  • The loss of time, due to the lack of update on product availability or stock.
  • The slow communication between the manufacturer and client and to provide with quick sales approval system.