01 Introduction

Chat Talk

02 Description

It's a chat application that allows users to receive the same engaging and lively interactions through custom messaging features. This also keeps users conversing on your platform instead of looking elsewhere for a messaging solution. Whether it’s a private chat, group chat, or chat in large scale, adding personalized chat features to your app can help ensure that your users have a memorable experience.

Unique Feature

  • Easy sign up and sign in: Registration is required to allow users to create an account using their phone number. You can add two-step verification or authentication to it to prevent unauthorized access. With sign in or log in, users would access their account even from some other device.
  • Encryption and online privacy: To secure data and information users exchange through a messaging app, it is necessary to maintain end-to-end encryption and online privacy. Therefore, your app should have this feature so that only the sender and receiver can read the messages.
  • Geolocation: Most of the messenger apps allow their users to share live location to their contacts. This is one of the essential features of a chat app that is also useful for businesses who want to use these chat apps for selling their products and services.
  • Chatbots: Artificial intelligence makes a machine or software smarter by letting it think, behave, and act like a human being. It can help your users to simplify many tasks. For instance, Telegram offers its own bot platform that provides users with the latest news from all over the world, manage finances, and do a lot more.
  • Push notification: Add this feature so that the users can receive instant alerts about new software updates or text messages or received from their contacts. With the push notification feature, you can also make a user know when their favorite contact comes online.
  • Dark and light modes: The way your chat app looks matters, and although the functionality takes the leading part, the role of UI is really huge. If your app is aesthetically pleasing, you have way more chances to win the users’ loyalty.

Problem solving

  • It makes it faster to chat.
  • Easy phone calls. The app’s audio connects you to either another individual or a group.
  • Sharing. You can quickly share files, images and links.

Backend Language

Kotlin ( Android ), Swift ( iOS ), React ( Front End ) and Django ( Backend ).

Based upon request we can provide the solution also in flutter ( mobile app ) and in node.js ( Backend ) .