01 Introduction

City Transport

02 Description

A plan of launching your own on-demand public transport app and bring all the public transport of your city in one service platform!

City transport app provided with Outstanding features  more than 180 features and several panels to users & admins. City transport app tracks  transports live and tells you what time your transport will reach your stop. So now, you never have to wait for a transport ever again. You can set a reminder to get alert when your transport arrives.

Unique Feature:

  • Social Media integration: Users can share the information related to the buses, trains and the metros and their time schedules as well on social media as well.
  • Check out the appropriate transportation modes and fare: This is a little advanced feature. Users can specify the number of passengers they are and can check out the appropriate transportation modes and the fare charges as well. It works great while you are getting to any event or a business meeting.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking: Admin has the right of tracking all the vehicles on a real-time basis so as to deliver the right information to the users about the traffic congestion, about the arrival time and estimated time that will be required in reaching the destinations.
  • Update Vehicle status BUSY/AVAILABLE: This is a highly sophisticated feature of the app. According to the real-time statistics accumulated by the admin, he can list the availability of the seats and can update status to busy in case the vehicle comes overloaded with the passengers.

Problem Solving

  • Users can simply opt for the best vehicle and they can reach the stop as suggested by the app, so as to miss the bus, train, and metro. They can even check the status of public transport such as trains before long journeys so as to be sure about the time and cost standards.
  • Users can check the real-time locations, time standards and the various details of the buses, trains and the metros. They can easily check the location of the desired vehicles depending on their destinations. Therefore, according to their convenience, they can select the desired transportation standards as required.
  • Users will not only be able to determine the location of the vehicles on a real-time basis but will be able to figure out the areas covered with maximum traffic, major disruptions in the route or can gather information about the intermediate buses or the metro that can help in reaching the destination under the less time frame. The users can get all the corresponding information from the app and can schedule the journey accordingly.

Backend Language

Kotlin ( Android ), Swift ( iOS ), React ( Front End ) and Django ( Backend ).

Based upon request we can provide the solution also in flutter ( mobile app ) and in node.js ( Backend ) .