01 Introduction


02 Description

A marketplace where you can book your appointments in any of your favourites salons online. Our solution allows you to see all the high rated salons & the nearby salons. It allows you to be updated about the promotions and the discounts in different salons and many more..

Our solution user app,staff app,seller app and admin panel with more than 156 features. 

Our solution includes:

? Admin Dashboard

? Android Apps ( User App, Staff App,Seller App)

? IOS Apps(User app,Staff app, Seller App)

?Exclusive features: real-time tracking,rental service, customize products,booking,customized service,calendar and much more!

?Unique UI design

?Experienced Website Frontend

? One month free support

? Backend (Django/Node.js)

? Well structured and documented code with premium package

?Logo design, promotional materials & company brand guideline with premium package.

For more details, please download the attached proposal.