01 Introduction

Ride Pool

02 Description

Ride pool App - A Ride Sharing-application 

Ride Pool App, is the ultimate ride-sharing application that brings convenience and efficiency to your daily commutes. With Ride Pool, you can share rides or cars with other users, optimizing transportation resources and reducing costs. And when it comes to ride-sharing startups, it is an absolute game for entrepreneurs. 

App Highlights:

Real-time Availability: Our app provides real-time availability of drivers and cars in your area. You can quickly check for nearby drivers or cars available for sharing, ensuring you have a ride whenever you need it.

Live Tracking System: With our advanced live tracking system, you can track your driver's location in real-time. This feature offers transparency and peace of mind, allowing you to know exactly where your ride is and when it will arrive.

Live View on Map: Our app offers a live view of the map, displaying the route of your ride and other shared cars in the vicinity. This visual representation helps you make informed decisions and choose the most convenient options for your commute.

Approximate Times: Get an estimate of the approximate time it will take for your ride to reach your location. Our app provides real-time updates on estimated arrival times, so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Ride History: Keep track of your previous rides with the ride history feature. Access information about past rides, including driver details, pick-up and drop-off locations, and fare details. This feature allows for easy reference and helps you stay organized.

Ride Pool App is more than just a ride-sharing application; it's a platform that fosters community and sustainability. By sharing rides or cars, you contribute to reducing traffic congestion, lowering emissions, and optimizing transportation resources.

Become an entrepreneur and contribute to transportation tech with the convenience, affordable, and eco-friendliness solutions with Ride Pool App. Join the ever-growing community of users who are revolutionizing the way we commute.